1. Prints are limited to 2 per person. ( After you win twice you are no longer eligible)

2. Entry is limited to once per week.

3. Dave Nilsen has the right to end the giveaway at anytime.

4. Giveaway will end December 31st 2020 if state of emergencies are still not lifted.

5. It is at the discretion of Dave Nilsen to continue the giveaway in 2021.

6. Dave Nilsen may not be held liable for lost, damaged, or stolen prints once they are shipped.

7. You must name your first born child Big Wave Dave.

8. Shipping times are subject to change due to the availability of the post office.

9. Just kidding about number 7 but an army of Big Wave Daves would be rad.

 All Photos Copyright of Dave NIlsen Photography 

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